Crescent Boat Club - Boat House Row

CD Kaller helped restore and protect the historic 1867 Crescent Boat Club on Boat House Row along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.

photo of Crescent Boat Club on Philadelphia's Boat House Row
scan of letter from Bill Shea

Crescent Boat Club was formed in 1867 when veterans returning from the Civil War merged two rowing clubs, the Pickwick and Iona clubs. The boat house was designed, at least in part, by noted architect Charles Balderston very early in his career. Crescent is home to the crews from Roman Catholic High School and Merion Mercy Academy.

The work we did included repairing or replacing much of the exterior woodwork, replacing the stucco, repainting the exterior and adding new gutters.

Crescent President Bill Shea describes it best...

Dear Curt,
I'm writing to share with you how pleased we are with the work that you completed for us at Crescent Boat Club. The workmanship and professionalism that were exhibited by you and your crew throughout the project did not go unnoticed. Completing the job on schedule and within budget certainly added to our positive impressions with your firm.
While we have addressed the majority of the interior renovations through our own club-based workforce and with the help of a few contractors over the years we were always somewhat apprehensive contracting the exterior work. One main reason is we did not want anyone "experimenting" with our 143 year old National Historic Landmark property. You overcame our concerns at the first meeting as you shared the approach you would take as you fully recognized the stakes of working on this historic building and you delivered!
Feedback from club members and others on the Row have been extremely complimentary. As I like to say, the house "pops" now. The freshly painted, replaced, or repaired woodwork is offset very nicely now by the brightness of the replaced stucco. Adding the much needed gutters will provide the protection some of this woodwork has not had over the years and will certainly preserve the work you just completed. Power washing the old stone frontage and finally ridding the front of the tar stains from the roof work we did years ago really looks terrific.
Please feel free to use us as a reference and I will be glad to share how satisfied we are with your work. We look forward to seeing you when weather permits to offer estimates on the side of our building and begin to plan those renovations. We will not be going out to bid on this work as further testament to the fine job you have already done for us. Enjoy your holidays and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bill Shea

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