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scan of letter from Bill Shea

...letter from Crescent Boat Club President Bill Shea ... see the full transcription on our Crescent Boat Club page.

....Feedback from club members and others on the Row have been extremely complimentary. As I like to say, the house "pops" now. The freshly painted, replaced, or repaired woodwork is offset very nicely now by the brightness of the replaced stucco. Adding the much needed gutters will provide the protection some of this woodwork has not had over the years and will certainly preserve the work you just completed. Power washing the old stone frontage and finally ridding the front of the tar stains from the roof work we did years ago really looks terrific.....

scan of Letter from Arnold Zaslow

...from Arnold Zaslow.

It seems like most of the time that the "boss" receives a letter from a customer, it's about a complaint or some sort of dissatisfaction. However, let me be the exception and tell you how pleased I am with your firm and the people who are members of your team. I refer specifically to Tricia, your receptionist, Eric Kowalczyk, your estimator (a guy with so much selling talent he could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge), and Joe Magro, your General Manager who is among the best problem solvers I have ever met.

scan of Letter from Mildred Hoyle

...from Mildred Hoyle...Mildred had a stubborn leak in her garage which took us a while to figure out ...

...Here is the good news. I think it was around July 22, 2010 Bill came to our home. I don't know his last name. He found out where the leak was . :) He could explain it, to you, the why, where, etc. It is November now, which is 4 months laters and no more leaking. What a miracle!
scan of Letter from Larry and Rebecca Weiss

...from Larry and Rebecca Weiss

Having never experienced a roof replacement or siding before, we were apprehensive going into this job. What seemed like an overwhelming task to us was handled with ease by your employees. Larry & I are delighted with the end result C.D. Kaller provided us with.

scan of Letter from Richard

...from Richard Rulon

Re: Roofing, Chimney Repair, Attic Insulation & Soffit Ceiling System Installation
Please send me a Customer Satisfaction Completion Certificate for completion. My thank you to you, the foreman, and the crew for a job well done.
photo of Letter from Alvin Seltzer

from Dr. Alvin Seltzer

I must tell you how pleased I am by the work you did on my roof. The roof is, as you know, a most daunting challenge. Besides being the original roof on my genuine Victorian house (built in 1885), the roof is incredibly steep and almost inaccessible, it's divided into dozens of different sections, each one aesthetically pleasing but because of that, full of angles, strange corners, and decorative touches that make every slate hard to reach, hard to work on without disturbing its fellow slates, and hard to get a stable footing from which to work....

...I must say I went all out, calling about 15 contractors for estimates. I was particularly ipnpressed with you and two others who impressed me as being particularly competent, intelligent,. and articulate. It took me quite a while to settle on a choice, but I finally chose you because your proposal was so very detailed, specific, and thorough, and you priced each item separately rather than just giving one price for all the different repairs and improvements. After we talked, you also helped me distinguish between really essential and non-essential improvements which brought the price down to my limit. I appreciated the fact that you were willing to work with me on helping me meet a price I could afford and also patiently having about four different conversations with me to discuss my questions, misgivings and problems affording so much work to be done.....

The work was done in just two days; all your workers were pleasant and incredibly hard-working; I didn't see anyone taking a break. Then, at my request, you came over today, walked around the house with me, pointing out and explaining all the work you had done and how each repair corrected a major problem in the roof so that I'm left with a tight, attractive, and servicable roof. ...

I'm so grateful for the excellent work you did and the pleasantness of working with an honorable, dependable, responsible, competent, intelligent and pleasant contractor. I'm truly thrilled with the relationship we had and the results of your magnificant craftsmanship.
screen shot of email from Rick Teitell

...from Rick Teitell:

I had a great experience using C.D. Kaller Roofing in December, 2014. Mr. Kaller was prompt in providing an in-depth written proposal and answering all questions. The price was fair in comparison to other estimates. The work crew were very professional and pleasant, and took care not to damage landscape plants. Mr. Kaller was available during and after the job to answer all questions. I have no hesitation in recommending C.D. Kaller Roofing.
photo of testimonial letter from Horsham Preservation and Historical Association to CD Kaller Inc

... from Pete Choate, Executive Director Horsham Preservation and Historical Association

"Curt - and CD Kaller Inc - have a great appreciation of older and historically significant buildings. This shows through in the work that they do. They repair what needs to be repaired and replace what needs to be replaced, without disturbing the character of what has been there for 200+ years. We have another pent roof here at the property that needs replacing and other buildings on the property that will need cedar shake roofs as soon as we can raise the funds. Due to our ten years of dependable restoration and maintenance experience with Curt Kaller, I'm sure we'll be working with him again. "
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