photo of colonial farmhouse with cedar shake roof
photo of colonial farmhouse with cedar shake roof
Cedar Roof Replacement on c1750 Novotny House in Horsham

Cedar Roofing

Cedar is a beautiful, natural, renewable and durable roofing material. It's also naturally insulating, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Used since colonial times, it was replaced on many city and town roofs with slate in the 19th century but was still used on country and farmhouses. It came back into vogue in the Victorian and later periods with Shingle Style, Colonial revival and the Bungalow styles in the 20th century. CD Kaller, not long ago, installed 225 cedar roofs on a development in Whitpain.

CD Kaller is an expert when it comes to cedar roofs and, as a member of the non-profit Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, is able to offer a an extended manufacturer's warranty on the cedar products we use.

Cedar roofs, if installed correctly and with proper maintenance, can last a long time. But there are things to look for to make sure your roof looks great and continues to protect your home. Learn more about cedar shakes and shingles.


A cedar roof should be inspected every couple of years - especially as it gets older - and after severe storms. Although very durable the shakes or shingles can be damaged by hail, wind, heavy rain or snow, and ice dams. Things to look for are damaged shingles, moisture on the inside of your roof, and of course leaks. CD Kaller can help you with this task and provide a written summary of any problems along with a written estimate to repair any damage.


Cedar will weather to a silvery-grey color in 6-9 months and you may see some cracking and small curling of the shakes. This is normal and will not affect the roof. Some things to be on the lookout for, however, would be broken shakes, large splits, moss and mildew. These should be taken care of by a professional like CD Kaller Inc.

Cedar is porous. It absorbs water but will usually dry out quickly with some sun and a breeze. But the shady, usually north facing part of the house, doesn't always allow this drying process to occur. Moss and mold can take advantage of this and slowly destroy the wood. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent this from happening and correct it when it does, CD Kaller can help you with regular maintenance which would include cleaning your roof to bring back its beautiful color, removal of moss and mildew, and repair/replacement of any damage. This type of attention can keep your roof looking great and protecting your home for decades.


CD Kaller are experts at working with cedar (we did 225 homes in one development.. see above). Our area is still rich with these beautiful roofs and we do a lot of work both keeping them in great shape - and installing new ones.


We use Certi-Labelâ„¢ Cedar Shakes and Shingles for the roof of your home. Made from a renewable resource, cedar is strong, durable, and pressure impregnated fire retardant treated cedar shakes and shingles provide fire protection locked into the roofing material.

Certifications and Warranty

CD Kaller is an Approved Supplier Affiliate Member of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Certi-labelâ„¢ cedar roofing and sidewall products. This status allows us to offer a CSSB Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty, administered by the CSSB on behalf of its Manufacturer Members.

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CD Kaller Inc knows cedar . We use only the finest materials and are able to offer the best warranties. Still unsure? Read Why to choose CD Kaller then contact us or 215- 659-3000.